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by Philippe Hausler on Apr.09, 2009, under Lua, MacOS X, Objective-C

Lua is definitely one of the most powerful and easy to use scripting languages out there. Unfortunately the api caters to c, there are a few libraries out there that implement c++ bindings for Lua, but none that implement the state handlers in obj-c. Until now.

LuaKit.framework is a fully contained lua api for obj-c, it allows base accessors to the stack via NSString, NSNumber(NSUInteger/NSInteger as well), and also allows pushing obj-c “closures” (aka selectors to an object, NSInvocations) to give the developer a seamless transition from obj-c interfaces to the Lua stack.

This project is licensed as GNU LGPL so feel free to integrate it in your app. Please make sure to give me credit, but hopefully it will aide in producing some killer scriptable apps.

Examples coming soon.
Google Code Project Page

Download LuaKit.framework

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by Philippe Hausler on Apr.03, 2009, under MacOS X, Objective-C

Why doesn’t Foundation allow for runtime abstraction into Objective-C classes?
Why doesn’t Foundation have STL like classes for lists, deques and queues (more than NSSet, NSArray, and NSMapTable)?
Why doesn’t Foundation have regular expressions for strings?
Why doesn’t Foundation have tcp sockets as a more compatible version than NSSocket?
Aren’t base Foundation classes like, NSArray, NSString, NSData etc missing a ton of handy/commonly re-used functions?

Well now it can! Introducing FoundationAdditions.framework: a collection of classes and extensions to the base Foundation framework allowing all the way from adding unique objects to a NSMutableArray to the objective-c runtime as an abstraction to objective-c objects to STL classes implemented in objective-c (not objective-c++ btw) classes.

This is however not a complete framework yet, its missing a fair amount of commentary and usage examples. So please consider this as a work-in-progress. Most of the classes have been tested, that being said there may be some memory leaks/bugs etc.

Download FoundationAdditions.framework

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